My research interests are grounded in the realities of the IT industry and stem from numerous consultancies and assignments related to the development and integration of enterprise information systems. My areas of past and current interest cover:

    * software engineering,
    * relational, object-relational and object databases
    * development and integration of enterprise information systems
    * requirements analysis and system design
    * object technology
    * business process modeling
    * services-oriented software engineering
    * software services for social innovation
    * digital consumer services

More specifically, I have been studying structures and behaviour of adaptive complex systems. The aim is to define architectural, engineering and organizational imperatives for large-scale systems in order to manage their cognitive and structural complexity. The premise is that information systems have to be designed for change and a necessary condition for it is to base the development on a dependency-minimizing architectural style. To this aim, I have proposed a six-layered meta-architecture called PCBMER (Presentation-Controller-Bean-Mediator-Entity-Resource) (ref. e.g. )

In recent years, my interests have been directed to software services for social innovation and digital consumer services, as domains for extending my investigation of adaptive complex systems into the realm of services-oriented software engineering. This shift in my research recognizes the emergence of consumer markets as the primary driver of ICT innovation (known in some circles as consumerization).