Typical university courses that I have been teaching over years (in English or in Polish) include:

  • Software Engineering,
  • Systems Analysis and Design,
  • Database Management and Programming,
  • Management Information Systems,
  • Information Systems Development,
  • Knowledge Base Systems,
  • Software Development Methods Tools,
  • Object Databases and Workgroup Computing,
  • Information Systems Project,
  • Application Development,
  • Advanced Application Development.

In the process of teaching courses, I have used numerous commercial software packages. At Wollongong University and at Macquarie University ~Sydney, and at Wroclaw University of Economics, I introduced to my teaching (and my departments) a range of commercial software from IBM, Oracle, Sybase and other large vendors (as industry donations or free-of-charge educational licenses). Also, I negotiated a number of industry prizes to best students, e.g.: “Sybase Prize”, “Oracle Prize”, and “Rational Software Prize”.

As part of my teaching and administrative responsibilies, I have initiated and/or overseen introduction of new courses and degrees at undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD levels. At Wroclaw University of Economics, I have supervised the establishment of the degree "Informatyka w biznesie" and its English-language counterpart "Business Informatics". I am a Scientific Supervisor of Postgraduate Studies in Cyber Security Management (launched in 2014 as my response to receiving 2012 IBM Faculty Award (Cyber Security)).

As a knowledge transfer activity and to share my educational experience with colleagues worldwide, I have published three academic books to international markets:

  1. MACIASZEK, L.A. (2007): Requirements Analysis and System Design, 3rd ed., Addison-Wesley, 642p. ISBN 978-0-321-44036-5 {translated to Chinese and Russian} http://www.comp.mq.edu.au/books/rasd3ed/
  2. MACIASZEK, L.A. and LIONG, B.L. (2005): Practical Software Engineering. A Case-Study Approach, Addison-Wesley, 864p. ISBN 0-321-20465-4 {translated to Chinese and Russian} http://www.comp.mq.edu.au/books/pse/
  3. MACIASZEK, L.A. (1990): Database Design and Implementation, New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo, Prentice-Hall, 383p. ISBN: 0-13-200015-6